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The Most Underrated PlayStation 5 Game Lands On PC Soon

Sony has revealed a release date for the PC version of Horizon Forbidden West Complete, along with a bunch of top-tech features for computers beefy enough to handle them. Come March 21, the epic action adventure will be available to play with unlocked framerates and DLSS 3 upscaling.Read more

Horizon Forbidden West: A Year Later, The PS5 Gem Feels Forgotten

The Horizon series has a knack for bad timing. When the first Horizon Zero Dawn released, Breath of the Wild came out mere days later. Last year, when Horizon Forbidden West came out, Elden Ring was on its heels days after. Now, it seems, Horizon is overshadowing itself.Read more

Horizon Forbidden West Adds New Game Plus And More Fancy Features

Stray! Final Fantasy XVI! The Resident Evil 4 remake! Sony’s big not-E3 State of Play showcase, held last night, was unexpectedly packed. But amid the fray flew a kernel of under-the-radar news for a game that’s already out: Horizon Forbidden West received a wave of much-requested features...

The Art Of Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West has been out long enough now that the game’s artists are free to post their work on sites like ArtStation, so tonight we’re going to be taking a look at all kinds of stuff that went into the game’s creation. Read more

Horizon Forbidden West's Best Hidden Feature

Horizon Forbidden West has one of the most extraordinary suites of in-game and accessibility options, making for a frankly daunting collection of tweaks and changes available to adapt the game for exactly how you want to play it. But there’s one feature buried there that you’ve likely missed,...

Big Horizon Forbidden West Patch Makes The Game Less Shimmery

Developer Guerrilla Games has rolled out a massive patch for Horizon Forbidden West, purporting to fix more than a dozen quests, plus a litany of minor hiccups. It also aims to make the game less shimmery. Those who made it through the era of puddlegate unscathed should rejoice.Read more

Horizon Forbidden West Dev Dishes On The Game’s Biggest Twist

Partway through Horizon Forbidden West, you encounter a monster. It’s not an animal-shaped robot, like the bulk of enemies you fight. It’s a bona fide creature of the shadows, and a rare moment of terror in a series that largely avoids jump scares and nightmare fuel. According to the game’s...

The Can’t-Miss Side-Quests Of Horizon Forbidden West

If there’s one regard wherein Horizon Forbidden West should be deemed Horizon Forbidden Best, it’s the optional stuff. Every side-quest in the game culminates with a meaningful reward. In some cases, you get a cool weapon or set of armor. In others, you’ll catch a narrative denouement richer than...

23 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West, out now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, is the size of a dinosaur. Like any big game, it’s a whole lot to take in, and can be overwhelming at times. You can and indeed should figure out a lot of its quirks and secrets on your own. But take it from me, someone who’s...

Before You Start: Five Settings To Change In Horizon Forbidden West

The only thing bigger than Horizon Forbidden West’s open-world is its suite of options. Guerrilla’s splashy PlayStation action-adventure game features dozens of settings, some of which—difficulty sliders, controller presets, visual modes—are par for the course. But others, like the ability to slow...

Don’t Miss Horizon Forbidden West’s Buried Gyro Aiming Feature

Horizon Forbidden West, an open-world game about validating every kindergartener’s dream of being a paleontologist, gives you a vast collection of high-tech bows and arrows to play with. Like many video game bows, this arsenal can be finicky when aiming with a thumbstick, so some players will...

I Can't Stop Ogling Horizon Forbidden West's Wind

How do you fill up a giant open world so that it doesn’t feel dead and empty? You can litter the map with points of interest, unleash a swarm of prehistoric robots to roam its peaks and valleys, and make sure every other vista is exploding with lens flair. Or, in Horizon Forbidden West’s case,...

Horizon Forbidden West Reviews Say It's Really Good (And Really Familiar)

The embargo for Horizon Forbidden West has lifted, which means reviews have dropped before the game launches on February 18. Our review praised the game for its many improvements, including overhauling the rather uninventive climbing puzzles. And the wider critical consensus suggests that this...

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