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A Review Of Every Major Desktop Launcher For PC Games

Over the last decade many of the biggest video game publishers (and some smaller ones too!) have decided that we can’t just launch our PC games straight from Steam or the desktop. Instead, we need to fire up their own desktop app first and then start our games.Read more

Looks Like Steam Now Has Timed Demos, Dead Space Up First

The ability to try before you buy has been a thorn in gaming retail’s side for generations. From the demo discs of old to the subscription models of today, publishers and shopfronts have had to wrestle with the idea that a lot of people only want to spend money on games they’ll enjoy.Read more

Valve Updates Steam’s Code Of Conduct, Bans Gambling

Steam’s online code of conduct just got an update and, for the most part, it’s filled with the expected language prohibiting explicitly illegal activity, harassment, use of cheat programs, and manipulation of the Steam client. But a fresh addition to the code of conduct is a strict ban...

Discord Announces Forced Name Changes, Pisses Everyone Off

Discord is a pretty good product. It’s an easy way to communicate with friends, find realtime communities around topics of mutual interest, and crucial for making use of voice chat across most online multiplayer games. And now Discord’s decided to muck it all up by forcing everyone to switch to...

Stop. Closing. Forums. For. Discords.

As technology advances, and online communities shift to adapt, we take it as a kind of default proposition that new sites and platforms should be better than old ones. Reality, of course, has different plans.Read more

The Big Discord Military Secrets Leaker Was, Surprise, A Racist

Last week, a ton of military documents leaked onto popular social media platforms. It originated from a smaller Discord server, and was eventually reposted in a Minecraft community. New details just came out about the original leaker and he’s not exactly a swell guy.Read more

Russian Agents Are Trying To 'Penetrate' Gaming Communities

In a chat on stage at at Semafor’s World Economy Summit, Microsoft President Brad Smith has said the company is currently dealing with attempts by various types of Russian agents to “penetrate” online gaming communities, with particular emphasis on those associated with Minecraft.Read more

Nintendo Demands Discord Reveal The Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Leaker

A massive The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom artbook leaked in February, and Nintendo hasn’t forgotten. The Switch maker is currently trying to subpoena Discord, where images from the artbook first started making the rounds, to force the social media platform to disclose the identity of...

PC Game Pulled From Steam For Apparent Theft Gets Even Messier

Following a police raid of its offices and a delisting from Steam, Ironmace, developer of the upcoming MMO Dark and Darker, is once again at the center of confusion and chaos. This time, miscommunication and a false launch of a now-pulled GoFundMe campaign continue to make the whole ordeal a...

Surprising Fans, WB's Smash Bros.-Like Shutters Until 2024 With No Refunds

Today, Warner Bros. Games and Player First announced that the MultiVersus open beta will be shutting down in 90 days. The publisher and devs promise the game will return in “early 2024.” In the meantime, players will be unable to play online, and no new updates will be released. And in bad news...

A Ton Of Lowkey Features Just Made The PS5 Way More Convenient

I spend a lot of time putzing around my PlayStation 5: deleting games here, downloading them there, looking for old saves, and trying to talk to friends. It’s made me appreciate every new firmware update, no matter how small or niche the improvements it makes are. And earlier this month, Sony...

Save 10% On A Steam Deck (Plus Other Great Spring Sale Deals)

Here we are yet again, ya’ll. Steam is running its annual Spring Sale from today until March 23 and not only are there some great deals you can snag on must-play games (which I’ll tell you about in a moment), but there’s also a 10-percent discount on the Steam Deck which you may not want to miss...

Inspired By Modders, Valve Releases Offical Steam Deck Start-Up Movies

Last year, Steam Deck modders discovered how with a little file modding you could swap out the generic intro video that plays when booting up the console with your own video. Now, in time for the Steam Deck’s one-year launch anniversary, Valve has released official boot-up videos and made it easier...

Discord Introducing 'AI' Stuff Nobody Asked For, Or Needs

In a blog post published earlier today, Discord—a communications platform, and nothing more—announced plans to introduce what they call “AI” (but which should more accurately be called “machine learning”) to the service’s moderation, support and chat.Read more

Valve Just Revealed All Steam Sale Dates For 2023

Trying to predict the biggest gaming sales events of the year can feel a bit like staring into a crystal ball. PC gamers used to guess the dates based on the historical patterns of previous years, but that was still never any guarantee of accuracy. Valve has finally taken out all the guesswork...

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