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Fire Emblem Switch Fans, Here's Your Next Tactics RPG Obsession

When I saw Dark Deity pop up during the ceaseless outpouring of Gamescom streams, I wrote it off as a competent-looking if somewhat uninspired turn-based RPG. Well, here’s a cool thing I learned today: Dark Deity is actually a tactics game. And based on the latest trailers, it looks perfect for...

The Week In Games: Kiwi Birds

This week, co-op puzzler Keywe releases on most platforms and asks the eternal question: What happens when you let two kiwi birds (and an octopus) run the entire mail system for a small town? Read more

Dying Light Is Coming To Switch, Which...Hmm

Dying Light, the wildly popular 2015 game about doing awesome front flips over less-awesome zombies, is coming to Switch later this year as Dying Light: Platinum Edition. Developer Techland announced the news during the Gamescom edition of its “Dying 2 Know” video series, which aired earlier...

Your First Look At The New Saints Row In Action

The long-teased forthcoming Saints Row game isn’t a remake. It isn’t a remaster. It’s a totally different “re”—a re...boot. Developer Volition announced the news today at the Gamescom Opening Night Live stream. It’s called, simply, Saints Row, and it’s coming out for all platforms next February....

The Week In Games: A Quiet Summer Week

This week there’s really no big games, instead a relatively short list of smaller games. Perhaps a diamond in the rough or two can be found below? Read more

The Week In Games: Witcher On Your Phone

A new Witcher game comes out this week. Calm down, calm down, it’s that game that looks a lot like Pokemon GO and is coming out only on phones. (The headline should have tipped you off already.) Read more

Every Big Game Coming Out In Summer 2021

Summer is here! I’m prepared for a lot of hot days trapped inside while drinking as much water as possible. At least we’ll have some big games to play while we hide from the heat. Stuff like Scarlet Nexus, The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Skatebird, Madden NFL 22, and Deathloop.Read more

Cyberpunk 2077 Is Back on PSN But Still Broken, Sony Warns

Cyberpunk 2077 is finally back on the PlayStation Store to purchase after 187 days in exile. During that time CD Projekt Red’s open world sci-fi RPG has received a handful of patches and hotfixes, but apparently not enough to completely fix the game on PS4. Even now, Sony is still recommending...

The Week In Games: The Sport Of Kings

Golf is a classy sport. The kind of sport that has been played by dignified men and women. A perfect sport for Waluigi and Wario. Mario Golf: Super Rush releases later this week on Nintendo Switch. Read more

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