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GameStop's CEO Is Getting $179 Million For Quitting

In further proof that our current economic system is entirely fine and normal, GameStop CEO George Sherman—who is leaving his post in the Summer—will be getting $179 million. Just for quitting his job.Read more

No One Asked For This NFT Version Of ‘80s Hit ‘Pac-Man Fever'

Buckner & Garcia’s hit ‘80s song “Pac-Man Fever” was a wholesome, catchy tune, but nothing’s safe from the climate-wrecking tech scam known as NFTs. Now, because 2021 is trying to be as bad as 2020 I guess, Buckner decided to grace the world with a single called “NiFTy Fever.”Read more

Pet Food Tycoon's Takeover Of GameStop Is Nearly Complete

Ryan Cohen, co-founder of online pet food company Chewy and favorite of the chaos engine that is the WallStreetBets reddit, will take over as GameStop chairman following the company’s annual shareholder meeting in June.Read more

Discord Deleted Thousands Of Violent Extremist And Criminal Servers In 2020

Thanks to the endlessly depressing extent to which covid has kept everybody trapped inside, Discord is more relevant than ever. But as the company revealed in its latest transparency report, that has led to new challenges—and improved efforts to confront other challenges it probably should have...

GameStop's Most Popular Earnings Call Ever Is A Bust

After weeks of record-breaking days on Wall Street thanks to a meme stock frenzy engineered by Reddit, people were hoping for some answers from GameStop’s executives during today’s call with investors. They got none.Read more

So, When Will You Be Able To Get A PS5?

Picture this: You pop into your neighborhood big box store, hoping to buy a PlayStation 5, and it’s just there. It’s on the shelf. You can pay for it, you can leave the store with it, and it’s yours. No need to sit at your desk refreshing browser tabs all day. Sounds pretty nice, right?Read more

Roblox Goes Public, Wall Street Decides It's Worth Six Bethesdas

The Roblox Corporation, maker of the online game creation platform Roblox, went public yesterday, selling shares in the company on the New York Stock Exchange for the first time since it was founded back in 2004. It ended the day trading at just under $70, giving it a valuation of $45 billion,...

Mad Money’s Jim Cramer Has a Plan to Save Gamestop With Bitcoin

Mad Money host Jim Cramer thinks he has a solution to save troubled video game retailer Gamestop with the help of bitcoin. He suggests that Gamestop should raise money to buy the cryptocurrency, then convert its 5,000 locations into bitcoin stores. He believes his idea will work. Jim Cramer...

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