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Report: South Africa’s Famed Krugerrands Collection Set to Be Tokenized

South Africa’s famed Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR) coins or the Krugerrands collection are set to be tokenized and will be available to potential buyers from a price as low as $200. Tokenized coins will be minted by Web3 tech firm Momint and will be available on the firm’s...

Bitcoin Outperforms Gold by Wide Margin After Strong Week

Bitcoin (BTC) finally outperformed gold by a wide margin this week, after a long period where gold has performed significantly better than its digital cousin. The outperformance of gold by bitcoin came during what has been a strong week for the digital currency, which has moved from just over...

Analysts Discuss 'Inherent Resilience' in Bitcoin & Crypto as Rally Fades

Major cryptoassets gave back some of their previous gains in early European trading on Friday after a strong overnight session that briefly sent bitcoin (BTC) above the USD 22,000 mark, helped by improving risk sentiment on Wall Street on Thursday. Despite the losses in early trading, the coin...

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