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Dead By Daylight Confirms Nicolas Cage As New Survivor Character

Nicolas Cage is coming to Behavior Interactive’s asymmetrical survival horror Dead by Daylight, the developer confirms at Summer Game Fest. The reveal comes three weeks after the publisher was pushed to reveal a teaser trailer following an inopportune leak.Read more

Popular Horror Game Friday The 13th Will Be Delisted, Replaced Everywhere

Asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game Friday the 13th: The Game has been at a standstill since getting engulfed by a battle for franchise rights in 2018. It’s been a slow death, but on June 8, developer Gun announced that it was finally over—the game’s license expires on December 31, and...

Five Nights At Freddy's Movie Gets First Trailer

The Five Nights at Freddy’s series of horror games may be coming up on its tenth birthday, but for a huge market—mostly kids, even if they were never the original, intended audience—it’s still a huge deal. Which, alongside nostalgia for older players, might explain why only now is FNaF getting...

8 Fashion Tips To Transform Into A Horror Game Protagonist

This summer, we’re dressing like horror video game protagonists, like this TikTok with over 100 thousand views recently declared. But not in the sour browns or bloated hoodies you see men wearing in games like Alan Wake or Silent Hill—we need to start dressing like the girls.Read more

Here’s Your Complete Guide To Dead Island 2 Multiplayer

Dead Island 2’s zombie-stocked netherworld is a lot easier to weather with friends, so it’s helpful that the game prioritizes multiplayer just as much as the original Dead Island did. But even so, this bloodbath of a sequel approaches co-op differently in a few important ways.Read more

These Are The Best Dead Island 2 Weapons

The only thing more important to Dead Island 2 than its gruesome zombies is the diamond mine of weapons it wants you to kill them with. While each of the action role-playing game’s six playable Slayer characters come with a pair of perfectly capable, calloused fits, none of them really stand...

The Internet's Freaking Out Over Dead Island 2’s Incredible Gore

Dead Island 2 was always going to be a gory game. The first Dead Island, released in 2011, played like a schlocky, uninhibited horror B-movie, and Dead Island 2 developer Deep Silver made butchery a priority soon after it began working on the sequel in 2019. Blood and brains are also usually...

10 Critical Things To Know Before Playing Dead Island 2

The long-awaited, blood-soaked Dead Island 2 released today, and after almost a decade of waiting, I’m sure you have some questions. The game shares a peacefully embarrassing sense of humor with the first game, 2011’s Dead Island, repeatedly referring to your threatening surroundings as “Hell-A”...

Dead Island 2: The Kotaku Review

Dead Island 2 is a zombie hack-and-slash with an unnecessarily mysterious past. Its predecessor, Dead Island, established the series as a blood-soaked trough of B-movie sensibility, but a nine-year-long game of hot potato tossed sequel Dead Island 2 behind a curtain, obscuring it from the public...

25 Years Of Leon Kennedy's Evolution In Resident Evil

Resident Evil pretty boy Leon Scott Kennedy is arguably Italian-American, something around 5’10”, says admirably stupid things, and I, like many people, was endeared to him by the recent Resident Evil 4 remake. Read more

Parkour Zombie RPG Dying Light Is Free On PC This Month

Dying Light rules. Techland’s open-world RPG does an excellent job of instilling the fear a zombie virus can bring. With its smorgasbord of brain-eaters and limb-munchers, coupled with their heightened intensity and ferocity at night, Dying Light is one of those games that can leave a lasting...

These Resident Evil 4 Remake Fans Let Leon Get Hurt So He Moans

I don’t think you understand how earth-shatteringly sexy some people find Resident Evil 4 hero Leon S. Kennedy, especially when he’s injured and groaning. His anguished moans in games like Resident Evil 2 and Dead by Daylight, the asymmetrical survival horror in which he acts as a playable...

The Resident Evil 4 Community Is Obsessed With Ashley As A Cartoon Mouse

Capcom’s social media team has been hard at work churning out a cavalcade of fancams and thirst trap posts to generate buzz for the Resident Evil 4 remake. However, as is the case with most things, it’s work created by fans themselves that has more staying power than any corporate-generated meme...

Resident Evil 4 Remake Boss Can Be Killed With Eggs

You can quite literally egg one of the Resident Evil 4 bosses to death. Near the end of the castle chapter, players must fight an evil nobleman who fused himself with a parasite queen. You can easily kill him in two hits, as long as you come armed with golden eggs. Read more

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