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Suspected $28 Million Coinex Hot Wallet Hack Emerges

Numerous reports have surfaced, pointing to a potential security breach in Coinex’s hot wallets, suggesting a hacker’s involvement. Peckshield, a blockchain security and data analytics firm, observed a concerning pattern – an unusual outflow of substantial assets originating...

Bybit Announces ‘Imminent’ Listing of Paypal’s PYUSD Stablecoin

According to the crypto exchange Bybit, the trading platform plans to list Paypal’s stablecoin soon. Amid Bybit’s announcement, Paypal’s PYUSD token has seen little movement as most of the supply is held by the contract and the Paxos Treasury. Dubai-Based Bybit Prepares to List...

Luna Foundation’s Bitcoin Reserve Wallet Now Holds $1.1 Billion in BTC

During the last week, the cryptocurrency community has been discussing the bitcoin purchases made by Luna Foundation Guard (LFG), as onchain data shows LFG’s bitcoin wallet currently holds 24,954.95 bitcoin worth $1.1 billion. LFG’s Gnosis safe address shows over the last four days...

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