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Insurance Is the Silent DeFi Guardian

There is a long history of insurers helping to reduce industrial risks, from cars to buildings. They can play a similar role now in DeFi, where a lack of regulation stifles growth, says Q Rasi, co-founder of Lindy Labs

The Case for Crypto Index Funds

There are already more than a dozen crypto index funds marketed to investors, ranging from $1 million to several hundred million dollars in assets under management. Here’s why they make sense to investors, says Adam Guren of Hunting Hill

Crypto for Advisors: Crypto Trends

The digital asset market has begun transitioning from early adoption to mass adoption. A sea change in industry leadership, product development and fiduciary commitment swept crypto in 2023 and early into 2024

An ETH ETF Wouldn’t Deliver Full-Returns to Investors

An SEC approval for spot ETH ETFs looks unlikely but even if the SEC approves exchange traded funds for Ether, investors should learn about total return ETH investment products. That way, they can gain from staking rewards as well as the underlying asset, says Jason Hall, the CEO of Methodic...

What’s Next for Crypto?

The approval of Bitcoin ETFs in January was a catalyzing event for crypto, says Gregory Mall, head of investment solutions at AMINA bank. How will the upcoming halving affect markets going forward and which projects are likely to win out over the long-term?

Prominent Crypto and Fintech Alumni Launch $60M Oak Grove Ventures Fund

On September 19th, Oak Grove Ventures made a significant foray into venture capital by launching a substantial $60 million fund. The fund strategically focuses on cutting-edge technology, with a keen interest in artificial intelligence (AI), Web3, and biotech. Oak Grove Ventures boasts a team...

Coinbase debuts international exchange following feud with a U.S. regulator

The largest U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange launched the Coinbase International Exchange, which will be open to institutional investors outside the U.S., following tension with the Securities and Exchange Commission over the past few weeks.  Institutional investors will be able to trade...

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