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Konami Rolls Out Loot Box Pre-Orders

Over the summer, Konami announced its killing of the Pro Evolution Soccer brand (known as Winning Eleven in Japan) by morphing the popular franchise into the free-to-play eFootball.Read more

After 15 Years, Bemani Composer TAG Says He's Leaving Konami

For the past fifteen years, one constant for Konami’s Bemani music game series has been the musical stylings of composter Yasuhiro “TAG” Taguchi. Today, he announced his is leaving the Tokyo-based game company.“I’ve now decided to go freelance as a composer after being employed at my company...

Konami Kills PES Brand, Launches eFootball

This fall, Konami’s soccer game won’t be PES. Instead, the Tokyo-based game maker is releasing a free-to-play game called eFootball. Launched in 1995, Pro Evolution is the Tokyo-based game maker’s long-running series and a rival to EA’s Fifa. PES is known as Winning Eleven in Japan, where it’s...

Konami Fires Soccer Star After Racism Controversy

Last month, Barcelona and France star Antoine Griezmann was announced as a global ambassador for Yu-Gi-Oh! He’s now been dropped from that role after a video emerged of a teammate saying some pretty bad shit to their Japanese hotel staff.Read more

Castlevania Game Boy Advance Collection Looking Very Likely

Over the last week, two listings have been found for a Castlevania Advance Collection on separate game rating databases in Australia and South Korea. This obviously has fans pretty excited, and I have to admit, I’m also cautiously optimistic that it will actually be a thing at some point.Read more

Antoine Griezmann Is An Yu-Gi-Oh! Ambassador

When not playing Football Manager the hard way, Barcelona and France striker Antoine Griezmann is playing soccer. When he’s not doing that, he might be watching Yu-Gi-Oh! But does he play it? Hrm...Read more

Konami, Please, This Is Excruciating

Euro 2020, the planet’s biggest football tournament outside the World Cup itself, was supposed to take place last year. It was instead postponed to this Summer for obvious reasons, and to celebrate, Konami’s official PES version of the tournament will begin by featuring...woefully inaccurate and/or...

Tokyo Is Getting An Esports Gym

This month, an establishment calling itself “Esports Gym” will open in Tokyo. It claims to be the first in the country.Read more

The Olympics Gets A Virtual Sports Tie-In Event

It’s not quite esports in the Olympics, but the International Olympics Committee (IOC) will host a virtual sports event May 13 to June 23, tied to the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo.Read more

Here's The E3 (And Not-E3) 2021 Press Conference Schedule So Far

Last year, amid a mismanaged pandemic and sweeping social distancing regulations, the Entertainment Software Association called off its annual E3 event. But the stretch between late May and early November was positively littered with digital showcases and press conference conferences. If...

Someone Might Have Found A Canceled Castlevania Dreamcast Prototype

In a mysterious new video (h/t Polygon), an off-camera player navigates through what appears to be a prototype of Castlevania: Resurrection, a canceled Sega Dreamcast game from the early 2000s. If legitimate, this is the first time gameplay footage has been made publicly available.Read more

Metal Gear Solid's Board Game Has Been Cancelled

IDW was supposed to be releasing Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game later this year, but after a succession of delays the company has decided to walk away from the project instead.Read more

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