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Even More Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth And Dragon's Dogma 2 Tips

We get it, you’re still probably playing Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and that’s okay. It’s a big RPG and there are a lot of important choices, side quests, and min/maxing to be done, and we’ve got all the guides you could possible need for Square Enix’s masterpiece. Read more

The Best Mario Ever, Rise Of The Ronin, And More Of The Week's Hottest Takes

The third week of March was an eclectic one for gaming news. We’re still hyped for Unicorn Overlord, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and the upcoming samurai adventure Rise of the Ronin. But we’re a little less enthusiastic about the new Star Wars remasters. These are the flaming hot takes you need...

Dragon's Dogma 2 And 26 More Games To Get Hyped For In March

Really, how are we in the third month of 2024 already? After two full months of incredible releases such as Infinite Wealth, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and Helldivers 2, to name a few, it’s time for another calendar full of fresh games. Read more

Call of Duty, Palworld, And More Of The Week's Best Gaming Takes

For a game we’ve all been calling “Pokémon with guns,” turns out there aren’t all that many guns in the first few hours of Palworld. But you know what there is far too much of? Crafting mechanics in video games. Anyway, here are our takes on this week’s news. Read more

Palworld, Hogwarts Legacy, And More Of The Week's Biggest Gaming News

Lots going on this week! The Xbox Developer Direct event on January 18 gave us a sneak peek at upcoming games like Indiana Jones and the Great Circle and Obsidian’s RPG Avowed. Ubisoft managed to put their foot in it by sharing an unpopular take on subscription services, and Hogwarts Legacy broke...

Kotaku’s Weekend Guide: 5 Games To Escape The Cold

This past week, January has been happy to give those of us who live in cold-weather-prone areas a reason to look forward to spring. One look at how things are outside and I am ready to make plans to move to warmer climates (despite being from the east coast, I can’t tolerate anything under...

Prince of Persia, Last of Us Season 2, And More Of The Week's Hottest Takes

January can often be a slow month for games news, but 2024 is already proving to be an exception. From the surprisingly good new Prince of Persia game to new cast announcements for HBO’s The Last of Us, here’s our thoughts on the week’s biggest stories in and around video games. Read more

The Week In Gaming Opinions, From 2023's Best To 2024's Most Anticipated

In the immortal words of Future Islands, “Seasons change.” It’s that bittersweet time when we savor the memories of the past and prepare for what the future will bring, and this week, we here at Kotaku asked you to chime in on what games you loved most in 2023, and what you can’t wait to play...

The Week's Biggest Game Reviews, From God of War To Pokémon

On the heels of The Game Awards, this week saw the launch of two expansions for fan-fave games: God of War Ragnarok and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. We also took a meaty deep dive into Analogue’s latest and greatest new retro console and did a year-three rundown on the state of the PS5.Read more

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