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Somebody Tried To Warn Us About Chris Pratt As Mario In 2020

I’m still physically recovering from the Mario movie cast announcement, mostly because if you’d given me 100 guesses to try and pick who would play the role of Mario—a short, thicc Italian-American—I would not have picked the ripped dude who is a Guardian of the Galaxy.Read more

The Super Mario Movie Coming In 2022 Has Quite The Cast

During the Nintendo Direct, Shigeru Miyamoto made a surprise appearance to announce that he and Chris Meledandri, CEO of Illumination studios, is working on a Mario movie. Miyamoto announced the star-studded Hollywood cast that will be voicing the iconic Mario characters.Read more

Almost 500 ‘New’ Xbox, Dreamcast Prototypes Just Got Released

Project Deluge, a video game archival project from The Hidden Palace, may be the single biggest game preservation effort yet undertaken. Since March, this dedicated group of video game archivists has been releasing many hundreds of unreleased prototypes for classic systems, and now, it’s...

Luigi Discovered In Sega Dreamcast Prototype

Nintendo’s famous Mario has a brother named Luigi and for some reason, the taller of the bros has been found in a prototype build of the Sega Dreamcast racing game Sega GT. Luigi was found in a prototype that’s part of a massive release of over 40o Xbox and Dreamcast prototypes and unreleased...

Thirty-Six Years Ago Super Mario Bros. Went On Sale In Japan

On September 13, 1985 in Japan, Nintendo released one of its most iconic games ever, Super Mario Bros. Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, it was a smash at home and became the Nintendo Entertainment System’s killer app a year later. The world was never the same. As Famitsu points...

We Finally Know SOMETHING About The New Super Mario Bros. Movie

It’s been almost four years since a new Mario Bros. movie was announced, and in that time we’ve learned almost nothing about it other than the fact it’s being made by the same team behind the Minions movies and that it’s going to be animated.Read more

Luigi Unlocks Lego Super Mario’s Two-Player Mode

When Lego Luigi officially joins the Lego Super Mario lineup on August 1, he’s bringing much more than his verdant sense of style and slightly smoother mustache. Combining the plumber brothers in Lego land unlocks the possibility of two-player brick-bounding action. Here’s how it works.Read more

Lego Mario Leak Shows Massive Bowser Airship

On Wednesday, Amazon Australia uploaded a listing for the next big Lego Mario seemingly ahead of its official reveal. It’s a full Lego build of Bowser’s classic airship. While it has since been removed from Amazon, the internet never forgets. Lego fans quickly downloaded and shared images of...

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Switch sequel leaked by Nintendo

The only way to follow up giving Super Mario a gun is to do it all over again. Normally, you might expect to hear about a Mario + Rabbids sequel during the Ubisoft Forward presentation at E3 2021, but in a twist, a listing for the game on Nintendo’s website spoiled the surprise. Mario + Rabbids:...

Happy 20th Birthday, Game Boy Advance

Today, June 11, marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the Game Boy Advance in the U.S. Please put on your hats and inflate your balloons.Read more

'Shop Contest: Lego Luigi, Winners!

Mario’s tall and cowardly brother is back, in Lego form. To celebrate the news, we took this new, blocky Luigi and took him on some new adventures.Read more

'Shop Contest: Lego Luigi

After a few early leaks, Nintendo and Lego officially confirmed that Lego Luigi is coming to joining his Lego brother in block jumping adventures. Sounds like a fun Photoshop contest to me! Read more

Looks Like Lego Mario's Getting His Lego Luigi

Following last week’s firmware update that has Lego’s Super Mario figure crying out for his brother when it wakes from sleep mode, a listing briefly popped up on Amazon China for Lego set 71387, Adventures with Luigi. Looks like the Lego Super Mario line’s got a new plumber on call. Read more

There Is No Love For Toad In This Cat Mario Three-Pack

Following up on yesterday’s gorgeous Bowser boat, toy-maker Jakks Pacific’s second MAR10 week reveal is a $30 Super Mario 3D World three-pack featuring articulated four-inch figures of Cat Mario, Cat Luigi, and Cat Peach. Cat Toad can go straight to hell. Read more

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