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Nintendo’s New Waluigi Art Is Mysterious, Erotic

Over the weekend, Nintendo dropped a new video dedicated to unboxing the upcoming blue-purple Switch colorway. The upload mostly got attention, however, due to its inclusion of a never-before-seen Waluigi render that the internet…well, just look at it. I’m sure you can guess what kind of reaction...

Lone Developer Stands Up To Grand Theft Auto DMCA Claim, Wins

Earlier this year fans reversed engineered the source code to Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. They released it to the web, but Grand Theft Auto copyright holder Take-Two pulled it offline via a DMCA claim. But now one fan’s stood up to the publisher and succeeded in getting...

Super Mario 64 On PC Looks Like An Entirely Different Game

We’ve taken a glance at Super Mario 64's PC port before, as recently as February, but this very extensive look by Digital Foundry shows just how damn good the thing can look when given the right amount of love and attention.Read more

Nintendo Just Very Quietly Announced A Brand New Game

Nintendo doesn’t always need a big Direct to announce a new first-party game. Sometimes they can just drop a trailer and say, hey, here’s a new thing, which is exactly what just happened with Game Builder Garage.Read more

Mega Man Composer Manami Matsumae Doesn't Miss The 9-6 Grind

Few game music composers have as iconic a resume as Manami Matsumae. Starting at Capcom in 1987, her first major project was scoring the original Rockman, the game we know as Mega Man. The Cutman theme? That’s Matsumae. And she was just getting started, soon jumping from the Famicom into Capcom’s...

'Shop Contest: Lego Luigi, Winners!

Mario’s tall and cowardly brother is back, in Lego form. To celebrate the news, we took this new, blocky Luigi and took him on some new adventures.Read more

'Shop Contest: Lego Luigi

After a few early leaks, Nintendo and Lego officially confirmed that Lego Luigi is coming to joining his Lego brother in block jumping adventures. Sounds like a fun Photoshop contest to me! Read more

I Have Backlog Anxiety

We at Kotaku have designated April as Backlog Month, in which we, in light of a looming dearth of new video game releases, turn our attention toward the games that we have wanted to play but missed. But unlike my colleagues, I’m having a problem—I have no idea what to do for Backlog Month, and it’s...

Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan + Super Mario Bros. 2 USA = My Dream Game

Programmer and digital artist Sammu recently put out a nifty video showcasing her work combining the two different versions of Super Mario Bros. 2 into a mega-game featuring the mechanics of one and the levels of the other. As a fan of both, I desperately want to play it.Read more

Probably Shouldn't Have Checked On Caramel

“Check on Caramel,” said somebody in popular Twitch comedian Jerma’s chat yesterday, referring to one of his first Sims in his ongoing Sims 1 playthrough. He should not have, as it turns out, checked on Caramel.Read more

Looks Like Lego Mario's Getting His Lego Luigi

Following last week’s firmware update that has Lego’s Super Mario figure crying out for his brother when it wakes from sleep mode, a listing briefly popped up on Amazon China for Lego set 71387, Adventures with Luigi. Looks like the Lego Super Mario line’s got a new plumber on call. Read more

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