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Take-Two Is Removing Old GTA Mods Using DMCA Notices

Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has spent the past week or so using DMCA takedown requests to remove old Grand Theft Auto mods. The publisher hasn’t explained why it has started this sudden removal of old mods.Read more

Dark Souls Scrolling Texture Mod Chooses Violence

Dark Souls is challenging, but have you ever tried playing it drunk, on psychedelics, about to vomit, or any combination of the three? A new, totally unnecessary mod simulates that experience by making almost every texture in the hardcore action role-playing game scroll endlessly, making it seem...

Hearts Of Iron IV: The Kotaku Re-Review

In 2016, Paradox released the grand strategy Second World War game Hearts Of Iron IV. I have spent huge parts of the last five years playing this game, through updates and expansions, and I think in 2021 it’s as important, and even better, than it was at launch.Read more

Major Modding Site Pisses Off Tons Of Users, Sparking Revolt

Nexus Mods, the biggest host of video game modifications in the world, came under fire from mod creators this week over controversial plans to prevent modders from fully deleting any works they upload to the popular mod-hosting network.Read more

Final Fantasy XIII Mods Make 2009 Game Look Brand New

It’s been a very long time since I’ve checked in on Final Fantasy XIII—like, over a decade—but the game had a PC version released back in 2014, which means modders have had some time to work with it in the meantime. And do incredible things.Read more

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets A First-Person Mod

Have you ever looked at Mass Effect? Like, really looked at it? Have you studied every crag in Wrex’s face? Stared Kaidan and Ashley right in the eyes while wondering why you couldn’t leave both of them behind on Virmire? Watched the fish in Shepard’s cabin swim for 80+ hours? Well now you can...

Reverse-Engineered Grand Theft Auto Games Are Back, Baby

In February, fans managed to reverse-engineer the source code for Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City. A week later, publisher Take-Two went after them and had the projects taken down. Now in June, they’re back again.Read more

Guilty Gear Strive’s Vampire Samurai Says Black Lives Matter

There are all kinds of video game mods, but very rarely do they strive to make a political statement. Maybe that’s why I like this particular Guilty Gear Strive modification so much: It gives vampire badass Nagoriyuki an outfit that promotes the Black Lives Matter movement. Pretty minor as far...

Days Gone Mod Makes Zombie Hordes Ludicrously Large

It was only a matter of time until Days Gone’s newfound PC audience began to tear out its insides and refashion them into something gnarlier, and now that day has arrived. A new mod ups freaker (aka zombie) horde sizes to the point where they basically blot out your whole screen.Read more

Blizzard Sends Cease-And-Desists To Diablo II: Resurrected Modders

Several mods for last month’s Diablo II: Resurrected alpha test were recently pulled offline following a wave of cease-and-desist letters. One creator says Blizzard even went as far as to send a private investigator to his home to serve the warning in person.Read more

Lone Developer Stands Up To Grand Theft Auto DMCA Claim, Wins

Earlier this year fans reversed engineered the source code to Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. They released it to the web, but Grand Theft Auto copyright holder Take-Two pulled it offline via a DMCA claim. But now one fan’s stood up to the publisher and succeeded in getting...

Someone Created An Evil Minecraft Mod That Camouflages Creepers

Most mods I download or see add helpful features or neat new elements, like a cool weapon or better sound effects. However, not all mods are helpful or fun. Some mods are downright evil, like this new Minecraft mod that uses different textures to hide Creepers based on what biome they are in. Read...

Mods Make Gaming A Better Place For Everyone

Twitter is abuzz with today’s awkwardly wrong gaming take, this time focused on modding, after disparaging thoughts about a recent Witcher 3 mod led to debate over whether modders are harming the games industry. Which leads me to present the other case: modders are not harming the games...

Let’s Hear It For ‘Death Chains,’ The Best Weapon Mod In Outriders

Like any loot-shooter, Outriders is based on chance. But you can sidestep luck by leaning on the game’s intricate network of gear mods, many of which can significantly change the way your guns and armor behave. Most are good, but none compare to Death Chains, a tier-two weapon mod that—and this...

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