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Bitwise President Praises Tether’s Successful Business Model

Teddy Fusaro, president of Bitwise, one of the crypto index fund managers, has praised the business model of Tether, the company behind the largest stablecoin in the crypto market. Fusaro emphasized that Tether obtained net income numbers close to the ones of traditional institutions such...

It’s Time To Start Killing Your Subscriptions

These companies are bleeding me dry. Starfield on Game Pass. Sea of Stars on PS Plus. Ahsoka on Disney Plus. The Last of Us on (HBO) Max. Subscription services used to make me feel like I was getting away with something. Cheaper, easier entertainment at the click of a button. No commercials, Fewer...

Sony Raising PlayStation Plus Prices By Up To $40 A Year

PlayStation Plus is about to get a lot more expensive. Sony announced that, beginning in September, the annual subscription price will go from $60 up to $80 for the lowest tier of the program. Meanwhile PS Plus Premium, which competes directly with Game Pass by offering a big Netflix-style library...

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime Heroes, Ranked From Worst To Best

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure stands the test of time as one of the most stylish and outlandish anime to grace the medium. Not only does the series feature a revolving door of ensemble and supporting characters with otherworldly stand powers and musical references baked into their names, but it also...

Save A Ton On Game Pass Subscriptions Ahead Of The Price Hike

Microsoft is about to raise the price of its Netflix-like subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, by a couple bucks a month. But you can start renewing your subscription ahead of time to save some extra money, especially if you scour the web for some of the already cheap deals.Read more

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