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V-Commandos, One Of My Favorite Board Games, Is Getting A Fancy Upgrade

I’ve written multiple times about V-Commandos on the site, a tactical WW2 stealth game made by some Ubisoft guys that is very good. About the only bummer with the game was that it used fairly basic cardboard tokens instead of plastic miniatures, but hey, they’re now fixing that and then some.Read...

Gundam Build Series Going Live-Action

Bandai and anime studio Sunrise are teaming up for a new Gundam Build series. This time, though, it’s not animated. It’s live-action.Read more

New Subscription Service Is JUST For Crusader Kings II

While you may be increasingly used to paying a monthly fee to get access to a lot of games, Paradox is trialling a new subscription service where you just pay to play one. Which sounds slightly mad until you realise that one game is Crusader Kings II.Read more

Defi Index CVX Measures Crypto ‘Market Fear’ and Implied Volatility

The decentralized finance (defi) platform has launched the beta version of its “Crypto Volatility Index”, otherwise known as the “CVX.” The CVX is an index similar to the “Market Fear Index” (VIX) commonly used in traditional finance, but

72% of Investors Will Hold Bitcoin Even if Price Falls to $0

A new poll finds that 72% of bitcoin investors are bullish about the cryptocurrency and will hold onto it even if the price somehow falls to zero. A total of 22,635 votes were gathered for this survey. Most Bitcoin Investors Would Hodl Regardless of the Price Twitter user Plan B, known for...

How to Create an Interactive 3D Character with Three.js

In this in-depth tutorial you will learn how to create an interactive 3D character that follows the mouse and performs random animations on click. How to Create an Interactive 3D Character with Three.js was written by Kyle Wetton and published on Codrops

PR: Bitpunter Launches Transaction Mining for Online Gaming

The recent advent of transaction mining as a business model has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm, with transaction fee mining exchanges such as BitMax and FCoin overtaking other long-serving exchange powerhouses in a short span of time. The post PR: Bitpunter Launches Transaction Mining...

How Well Do You Know CSS Layout?

The difference between a CSS good experience and a long frustrating one is oftentimes a matter of a few small details. CSS is indeed nuanced. One of the most common areas where I see struggles is layout. Personally, I like to study patterns. I notice that I tend to use a small group of patterns...

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