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Fans Are Joking That The New Zelda Game Should Be Called 'Legend of Link'

Earlier this morning, Nintendo finally did the thing and announced The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, a mainline Zelda game that cast the titular princess in the lead role, at its most recent Direct. Yes, we know about Age of Calamity, as well as Zelda’s Adventure, but does most anybody else?...

New Marvel vs. Capcom Collection Latest Game To Also Skip Xbox

On June 18, Capcom revealed that it’s porting the beloved arcade fighter Marvel Vs. Capcom 2—as well as six other Marvel arcade games—to modern consoles. But, the new collection won’t be released on Xbox consoles, continuing a trend that has some Xbox fans worried.Read more

The Nintendo Switch Is Going Out With A Bang, Not A Whimper

It’s funny that one day ago, just before Nintendo’s June Direct, we had almost no idea what the next six months would look like for the Switch. Nintendo has confirmed it will have news on its next console in the coming months, and that means the Switch is in its twilight year. But after a 40-minute...

Everything We Saw At Today's Nintendo Direct

Today, June 18, 2024's Nintendo Direct may not have had everything we wanted to see (sorry Silksong), but damn did it have some great looking games coming to Nintendo’s hybrid console. Yes, we got to see Metroid Prime 4, but there’s so much more. So let’s get into it!Read more

Fantasian Is Finally Coming To Switch, A Platform You’ll Actually Play It On

Did you know that the creator and composer of Final Fantasy teamed up again in 2021 to release a gorgeous retro-inspired RPG? You probably didn’t—that’s because Fantasian was released exclusively on Apple Arcade and was quickly forgotten. But now it’s coming to Nintendo Switch, as announced during...

Metroid Prime 4 Gets Proof Of Life During Nintendo Direct

It’s been in development since before the dawn of time, and now, as foretold in the Ancient Scrolls, our faith can turn to fact. Metroid Prime 4, first announced in 2017, then re-announced in 2019, is confirmed to be a game that we will one day be able to buy. The game will launch in 2025, and...

The First Three Dragon Quest Games Are Getting Gorgeous HD-2D Remakes

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Square Enix showed off footage of the upcoming Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake, and it looks absolutely stunning in motion. But the company also announced that it will be remaking the first two games in the same style, and they’ll be coming a little bit later.Read more

The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 Has A Release Date

It came as no surprise earlier this year when it was announced that The Super Mario Bros. Movie was to receive a sequel. The 2023 animated feature made $1.3 billion from its theatrical release alone, and in a world without Barbie, would have been the biggest film of the year. Of course it’s getting...

Pirate Brawler Planned For The OG Xbox Is Finally Launching 20 Years Later

20 years ago, a third-person action-adventure pirate game called Age of Pirates: Captain Blood was announced via a short trailer at E3 2004. And then a lot of shit happened, leading to the game being delayed repeatedly in development and then protracted legal fights once it was finished. But...

The Long-Awaited June Nintendo Direct Is Finally Happening

Now that most of the industry is done with Summer Game Fest and all its orbiting events, Nintendo is jumping into the summer video game announcement fray with its own Nintendo Direct. After plenty of speculation and rumors floating around the internet, the company has confirmed the showcase will...

Woman Caught Smuggling 350 Nintendo Switch Games In Her Bra

A nervous woman with a large bust size was stopped at an airport in China after officials grew suspicious. They inspected her and discovered she was allegedly trying to smuggle 350 Nintendo Switch carts out of the country by stuffing them into her bra. Read more

Every Game We Played At This Year's Not-E3 Summer Game Fest Extravaganza

Summer Game Fest, aka Geoff-con/Keighley-palooza, has come and gone. The E3 replacement included multiple online showcases and onsite events, each aimed at drumming up excitement for a flood of upcoming games. Which games rocked? Which ones sucked? Which ones will become video game industry...

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