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DePIN Can Power a More Sustainable GenAI Industry

The AI boom is overloading data centers and straining traditional energy resources. Can decentralization, in the form of DePIN, offer a solution? Mitch Liu, CEO and Co-Founder of Theta Network, makes the case

Why Blockbuster Games Will Soon Be Built on Modular Appchains

Mainnets like Ethereum’s aren’t suitable for major (AAA) game development. The only real solution is a horizontally scalable blockchain coupled with modularity and a gas-free experience for end-users, says Jack O’Holleran, CEO of SKALE Labs

Crypto for Advisors: Crypto and Compliance

The coming years are crucial for compliance and risk in crypto. Beth Haddock discusses strategies advisors can take to protect their brand while serving clients as fiduciaries

From Coin-Operated Machines to Token-Operated Gaming

On-chain games that establish a community-driven governance model, where players actively participate in decision-making, provide real ownership and accountability to the gaming community, says Ben Rubin, CEO & co-founder, Towns

Bragging Rights Are Key to Retaining Web3 Gamers

Gaming is a social endeavor, so winning means cooperating with your friends in quests or beating the player on the other screen, and telling the world about your achievements, says Allen Ng, Co-Founder of OpenSocial Protocol

How Staking Rate Benchmarks Can Build Digital Assets Markets

By comparing their returns to a trusted industry benchmark, Ethereum operators can identify areas for improvement and optimize their operations, as well as to differentiate their staking products in a competitive market, says Tom Whitton, CFO, Pier Two

Why We're (Still) Investing in Web3 Gaming

For innovation, adoption and impact, gaming stands out as a leading use case for blockchain technology, say Leah Callon-Butler and Nathan Smale, directors of Web3 advisory firm, Emfarsis

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