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Crypto Pokémon Clone’s Currency Plunges To Less Than A Penny

Crypto markets are bottoming out and nothing’s immune, not even the potions critters use to breed in the Pokémon-style collectathon Axie Infinity. Called Smooth Love Potions, the currency has been trending down for some time now as players flood the market with it. For the first time in...

Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin’s Reviews Are...Chaotic

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin comes out tomorrow, March 15, and today is flooded with reviews from various outlets weighing in on what to make of the game. Considering the game’s focus on chaos, it’s perfect, then, that there isn’t much consensus, instead Stranger of Paradise is seeing...

The Internet Reacts To EA Removing Russian Teams From FIFA 22

Yesterday, EA Sports announced it would remove the national Russian team and Russian clubs from FIFA 22. The announcement came as the Russian invasion of Ukraine entered its second week. As the news spread, the game’s community has begun to react.Read more

The Sims 4’s Wedding Expansion Is Not The DLC That Fans Boycotted For

Well, this is a little bit embarrassing. After all the uproar The Sims 4 community raised over Electronic Arts not releasing the My Wedding Stories game pack in Russia, it turns out the expansion is too broken for players to enjoy. Some streamers are even advising fans to avoid buying the game pack...

Final Fantasy VII Writer Doesn't Want To Talk About His Games On Twitter

Kazushige Nojima is one of video game’s most famous story and scenario writers. Some of his past credits include Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts I and II, and even Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s Adventure Mode, among many others. Recent credits include Final Fantasy VII Remake, Stranger of Paradise:...

Justin Sun Will Go to Space on Blue Origin Mission Taking 5 People With Him

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, a smart contract-enabled cryptocurrency platform, announced yesterday he would fly to space next year to fulfill one of his childhood dreams. The space trip will be done in a Blue Origin spaceship, the company owned by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, which also made...

Valve's Steam Deck Probably Won't Get Exclusive Games

Valve has confirmed that for its upcoming handheld device, the Steam Deck, the company won’t be encouraging the release of any kind of exclusive games that you couldn’t also get on a desktop computer or laptop.Read more

Battlefield 2042 Details Upcoming ‘We’re Sorry’ Patches

EA laid out its post-launch plans for Battlefield 2042 through the rest of the year, and while new content isn’t in the cards until 2022, there will be three waves of ongoing fixes between now and the end of December. Welcome to the season of the never-ending beta.Read more

Report: EA In A Messy Fight Over FIFA License, Money

Last week EA hinted that it might be renaming its massively popular FIFA series. Now we know why. According to a new report by The New York Times, the International Federation of Association Football is asking the sports publishing giant to pay $1 billion for exclusive rights to the FIFA brand...

New Final Fantasy Origin Trailer 100% Chaos-Free After Last One Got Memed

Last week, Square Enix released yet another trailer for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, its upcoming Souls-like prequel to the original Final Fantasy. And while the project continues to look great, English-speaking fans apparently missed out on some more aggressive references to Chaos...

That New Final Fantasy Origins Trailer Is Actually Pretty Cool

Whenever I think about the Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins E3 trailer, the lasting impression of the game isn’t the fact that it is a Final Fantasy game or even its admittedly cool combat. No, the only thing that comes to mind is how the protagonist just really wants to kill chaos....

The Wolverine Meme Is Now An Action Figure

As a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive for 2021, Mondo is releasing a big, fancy Wolverine figure. But not just any figure. No, this one is based on a meme.Read more

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