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PlayStation Fans Refuse To Throw Away Box Even After Sony Tells Them To

The official PlayStation UK Twitter account has decreed it’s “OK to throw away the cardboard box your PlayStation came in now,” but squirrelly fans aren’t convinced. What if they might actually one day need the dusty, frayed cardboard their PS4 arrived in 10 years ago?Read more

PlayStation Plus Adds Some Great Games For June

Another month, and another chance to add more games to your PlayStation library if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber. While May 2023 saw GRID Legends, Chivalry 2, and Descenders (which you can still grab if you’re reading this before June 6) added to Sony’s subscription service, June’s got some...

PS5's Prestige Pivot Makes The Innovative Games Stand Out

While Sony’s shuttering of Concrete Genie developer PixelOpus earlier in May wasn’t making headlines the way yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase announcement of the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake did, it still hangs over the PlayStation brand like a dark cloud, even when Sony’s showing an hour’s worth...

Sony Announces New Handheld, And Sorry, It's Not The Vita 2

Well, it finally happened: Sony’s got a new handheld on the way. It promises all the features of the fancy DualSense PlayStation 5 controller on an 8-inch high-definition screen. The only catch? It’s a Wi-Fi streaming-only device, pulling directly from your PS5. Sorry, Vita fans.Read more

Don't Watch This New PS5 Game Trailer Unless You're Ready To Get Sad

When we watch a video game presentation like the PlayStation Showcase, we often expect action, distilled corporate hype, and plenty of announcements to add to the annual game release calendar. However, during the presentation today, May 24, we got to experience something else entirely: unexpected...

9 Things We Just Learned About Sony’s Big Playstation Plans

With the wind at their back, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan and head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst recently presented the state of the PlayStation 5 ecosystem to investors and hinted at what’s coming in the near future. Among other things, the company promised new IPs, more...

PlayStation-Inspired Cosmetics Are Coming To Destiny 2

Bungie has just revealed details for the upcoming Destiny 2 Season of the Deep, which includes a ton of new in-game events, fishing (yes, you’ll be able to fish in Destiny 2), and a PlayStation crossover offering Sony game-inspired armor ornament sets. The crossover content is part of...

PlayStation CEO Says Its Games Still Won't Come To PC On Day One

If you were hoping PlayStation would reverse course and launch its games on PC sooner than months or even years later, keep on that hopium. The company recently said it will continue to “stagger” exclusive releases on other platforms.Read more

PlayStation Has To Pay Back Some Loot Boxes After Court Ruling

Over the past few years EA’s FIFA series has been the target of multiple investigations and government hearings across Europe, with some countries concerned that the game’s flagship Ultimate Team mode is basically gambling, and others convinced that it is and taking action.Read more

10 Of The Most Visually Stunning PlayStation 4 Games

The PlayStation 4 was the graphical shot in the arm console gaming needed after the very very lengthy PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 generation, which saw the consoles struggling to meet games’ increasing graphical demands by the early 2010s. Read more

PS5 Sales Are Unstoppable, And Sony Thinks It's Just The Start

The PlayStation 5 continues to outperform Sony’s wildest expectations. The console manufacturer announced another banner year for hardware sales, including over 6 million in the last quarter alone. With Spider-Man 2 just around the corner, Sony says it’s planning to sell an unprecedented 25 million...

Former PlayStation Boss Says They 'Cancel So Many Games'

In a new interview published Monday, PlayStation’s Shuhei Yoshida talked about how difficult and expensive it is to make video games, explaining that the company behind hits like God of War and The Last of Us cancels “so many games” in order to “save” developers from getting stuck on something....

Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Sold Out Immediately And Scalpers Are In Heaven

The long awaited Pixel Remasters of Final Fantasy I through VI finally arrived on Switch and PlayStation 4 on April 19. Unfortunately for longtime fans, the physical editions of the collection sold out immediately on Square Enix’s website and show no signs of coming back in stock. Scalpers are...

Looting Just Got A Lot Easier In Horizon Forbidden West, But Only On PS5

Horizon Forbidden West is a game about saving the world, fighting prehistoric robots, and picking tons and tons of stuff up off the ground. Thankfully that last part just got even easier with the action-RPG’s free new PlayStation 5 update which adds a host of accessibility features, including...

PlayStation Plus Axes Marvel’s Spider-Man, One Of Its Biggest Games, Soon

It’s a new month, which means Sony’s adding another crop of games to its PlayStation Plus vault for Extra and Premium subscribers. There are some good additions here, including Dishonored and Doom Eternal. But, as the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new: Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s...

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