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Demon's Souls, One Month Later

Can you believe it’s been a month since flagship PlayStation 5 game Demon’s Souls released? I feel like I’ve spent every waking hour of the past 30 days with the Bluepoint Games remake. While the game is mostly the same as the PlayStation 3 original, the community has been hard at work sussing...

It’s Super Easy To Make Kanye West In Demon’s Souls

Unlike the original Demon’s Souls, the PlayStation 5 remake includes a fairly robust character creation system. While I was mostly content to make a generic, purple-skinned lady for my first playthrough, folks have been able to craft some interesting characters.Read more

How One Retailer Is Fighting PS5 Scalpers

In South Korea, game retailer Gamewoori has a banner that reads, “Pre-Order Now” next to images of the PS5. The PS5 launched there on November 12, but like everywhere supplies are tight and hopeful customers still must reserve consoles from future shipments.Read more

How To Clean Up Your PS5’s Newsfeed

Like an untamed Instagram feed, the PlayStation 5 sometimes gives you updates about things you don’t care about. When you tap the PS button, you’ll see an “official news” card, which lists a handful of news blips—trailers, announcements, that sort of thing—about “your games.” Most of the games...

This SNL Skit Is All About Begging Santa For A PS5

Right now, many people are desperately trying to buy a PS5. It’s been a real shitshow. In fact, it has gotten so bad that even Saturday Night Live has jumped in with a skit all about one man, Stu, begging Santa to get him a PS5.Read more

PlayStation Vita’s Store Isn’t Working For Some Reason

Widespread issues with PlayStation Network on PlayStation Vita have kept players from downloading or transferring games to the handheld for almost 24 hours. Kotaku contacted Sony earlier in the day for more information but didn’t hear back before publication.Read more

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo Urge to Remove Gaming Console Tariffs

The trade war between the United States and China has possibly been one of the biggest events of the past decade, and it has had far-reaching consequences all over the world. After all, when the world’s two biggest economies are involved in a trade skirmish, then it is almost a given that...

Microsoft Announces Fastest Ever Gaming Console Named ‘Project Scarlett’

Over the past few years, Microsoft has turned around in a decisive way and has returned to its former glories again. However, even during the days when the company was not growing at the expected rate, its gaming console brand XBOX remained a highly popular product. It remains so to this day,...

Sony to be sued in Australia over Illegal Store Refund Policy

The refund policies of many large corporations have often fallen foul of the local laws across the world over the years, and in a new development, Sony has found itself in the crosshairs of Australian laws. Over the course of the past few decades, the onset of globalization has led to some of...

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