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PlayStation Plus Adds Some Great Games For June

Another month, and another chance to add more games to your PlayStation library if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber. While May 2023 saw GRID Legends, Chivalry 2, and Descenders (which you can still grab if you’re reading this before June 6) added to Sony’s subscription service, June’s got some...

In A Series First, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Is Coming To PC

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart will soon be available to play on PC, marking the first time Sony’s 21-year-old action platformer series can be played with a mouse and keyboard. The port will release on July 26, but you can already pre-purchase it for $60 on either Steam or the Epic Games...

Sony Announces New Handheld, And Sorry, It's Not The Vita 2

Well, it finally happened: Sony’s got a new handheld on the way. It promises all the features of the fancy DualSense PlayStation 5 controller on an 8-inch high-definition screen. The only catch? It’s a Wi-Fi streaming-only device, pulling directly from your PS5. Sorry, Vita fans.Read more

Everything At Sony's Big Hour-Long PlayStation Showcase

Today, May 24, Sony held its first large-scale PlayStation Showcase since all the way back in September 2021. These events have tended to be bigger than Sony’s smaller-scale State of Play streams and this one was no exception, bringing a load of new trailers and reveals, including our first look...

Final Fantasy XVI's Newest Trailer Shows More Of Its Dark Story

The May 24 PlayStation Showcase has been rolling out the trailers for game’s we’ll be mashing buttons to on our PS5s in the future, and Final Fantasy XVI is no exception. Though we’ve seen a good chunk of the game from recent previews, this latest trailer shows off some sharp visuals while teasing...

Don't Watch This New PS5 Game Trailer Unless You're Ready To Get Sad

When we watch a video game presentation like the PlayStation Showcase, we often expect action, distilled corporate hype, and plenty of announcements to add to the annual game release calendar. However, during the presentation today, May 24, we got to experience something else entirely: unexpected...

The Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake Is Real And Coming To PS5

Rumors of a Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater remake have been swirling for years. Now we know all the fan speculation wasn’t for naught. Konami revealed at Sony’s PlayStation Showcase that the PS2 classic is getting modernized for the PlayStation 5 so players can enjoy it all over again. Read more

Sega Sounds Like It’s Jumping On The $70 Game Bandwagon

The shift to $70 games for the “next-gen” consoles has been slow but steady, and another major publisher could soon be making the jump. Sega said in its latest earnings report that it’s currently reviewing its games to see where price increases make sense, moving in the direction of 2K Games...

Look At This Hot Final Fantasy XVI PS5 Bundle You Probably Can’t Get

The PlayStation 5 has another special edition bundle thanks to the impending release of Kaiju battle simulator Final Fantasy XVI. The good news is it’ll save you $10. The bad news is the limited-edition design cover and DualSense controller are only coming to Japan.Read more

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Is On Sale Barely A Week After Release

Though Respawn Entertainment’s gargantuan Metroidvania Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was only released a few days ago, on April 28, the $70 game is already $10 off. Amazon recently added a sneaky “apply $10 coupon” box you can click while purchasing physical copies for PS5 and Xbox Series X online.Read...

RECENZE: Videoherní Peppina je stejná jako ta seriálová. V dobrém i zlém

Po televizních obrazovkách dobývá Peppina i svět videoher. Ve druhém díle její interaktivní adaptace se s ní vydáme na cestu kolem světa, kde samozřejmě nesmí chybět klasické prasečí kratochvíle jako skákání v bahně nebo válení se v záchvatech smíchu po zemi. Jedinou nevýhodou je extrémní krátkost

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