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FromSoftware Owner Hit By Massive Ransomware Attack

FromSoftware’s parent company, Japanese conglomerate Kadokawa Group, was the victim of a major data breach, it disclosed on Thursday. The Dark Souls maker’s owner said it’s currently “investigating the possibility for information leakage” and that the total impact on its business for the year ahead...

Tokyo-Based Crypto Exchange Coincheck to List on Nasdaq Through Merger

Coincheck, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, has made a public filing to list Coincheck Group B.V. on Nasdaq through a De-SPAC transaction with Thunder Bridge Capital Partners IV Inc. This follows an earlier announcement from March 22, 2022, detailing plans by Monex Group Inc., Coincheck’s...

US Sanctions Lockbit Leader in Ransomware Crackdown

On May 7, the U.S. announced sanctions against Dmitry Yuryevich Khoroshev, a key figure in the Lockbit ransomware group. The U.S., alongside international allies including the UK and Australia, has taken coordinated measures to curb the activities of this prominent cybercriminal group. Khoroshev...

FBI, Europol Say Akira Ransomware Has Drained $42M from 250 Firms

Akira, a ransomware group, has drained $42 million from 250 firms since March 2023, said the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Europol, CISA, Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), and the Netherlands’ National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC-NL) in a joint statement. The post FBI, Europol...

‘Criminal Geniuses’ Admit Fortnite Hack Was A Total Hoax

Last week, reports broke that Fortnite maker Epic Games had allegedly been the victim of a hack, with a supposed ransomware group claiming it had snagged 200 gigabytes of internal data. Almost immediately, however, Epic announced that it had no evidence any such hack had taken place. Now, it turns...

Over 200 Crypto Accounts Linked to Ransomware Operator LockBit Frozen

A coordinated international operation has targeted one of the leading ransomware operator group LockBit, freezing over 200 cryptocurrency accounts linked to their activities. The post Over 200 Crypto Accounts Linked to Ransomware Operator LockBit Frozen appeared first on Cryptonews

Ransomware Payments Hit Record $1 Billion in 2023: Chainalysis

Criminals made off with a staggering $1 billion in cryptocurrency ransomware payments in 2023, per the latest insights from Chainalysis’ 2024 “Crypto Crime Report.” The report highlights a surge in sophisticated attacks targeting high-profile institutions and critical...

Insomniac Responds To Massive Hack Of Wolverine And Employee Data

Insomniac Games has broken its silence on the recent ransomware attack that resulted in hackers releasing confidential studio information, personal employee data, and an entire playable build of the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive, Wolverine. “We’re both saddened and angered about the recent...

Spider-Man And Wolverine Devs Hit By Alleged Ransomware Attack

Insomniac Games, the PlayStation-owned developer behind Marvel’s Spider-Man and the upcoming Wolverine, was reportedly breached by a ransomware gang that claims to have stolen employees’ personal data and unreleased information about its upcoming X-Men game.Read more

International Police Take Down Capcom Hackers

A hacker gang that breached various high-profile companies like computer component manufacturer ADATA and video game publisher Capcom within the last several years has been arrested by an international police force, according to law enforcement agency Europol.Read more

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