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2024 Is Filled With Video Game Remakes And Remasters

What’s old is new again, apparently, in 2024. Looking back at what’s been released and looking forward to what’s coming out, you’ll spot a flood of video game remakes and remasters this year. It seems that as games get more and more expensive to develop, take longer and longer to make, and become...

Kotaku Readers Can’t Agree On When Games Should Be Remastered

The Last of Us Part II might only be about three years old, but the popular PS4 sequel from Naughty Dog will be remastered for PS5 next year. And as you might expect, when we asked Kotaku readers (you fine folks!) about this, you all had a lot of thoughts to share on remakes, remasters, and more....

Kotaku Asks: How Soon Is Too Soon For A Video Game Remaster Or Remake?

How much time has to pass before it becomes acceptable to remaster or even remake a game? 10 years? 15 years? What about three-ish years? Is that enough time between the original and the remaster? Well, that’s what’s happening early next year as Naughty Dog is remastering 2020’s The Last of Us Part...

2023’s Highest Rated Games Are Mostly Remakes Or Remasters

2023 has already been a pretty solid year for games. However, if you stop and look at Metacritic to see what some of the highest-rated games released this year actually were, you’ll notice a trend: Many of them are remakes or remasters of older games. It’s a trend that likely has a few different...

The Last Of Us Remake Is Extremely Detailed, But Does It Matter?

For their latest trick, the pixel-analyzing masters at Digital Foundry picked a hot-button item: The Last of Us Part I. Though the question at the core of Part I—does this need to exist?—is still very much in play, you can’t deny a glow-up when you see one.Read more

The GTA Remastered Trilogy Sure Seems Imminent Now

Last month, we reported that Rockstar Games was planning to release a collection of remastered versions of some classic Grand Theft Auto titles later this year. Now it appears that the (still unofficially announced) collection has received an age rating in Korea. This lines up with new information...

Take-Two Sues GTA Reverse Engineering Project

Take-Two Interactive is pulling a Nintendo. Yesterday, the Grand Theft Auto publisher filed suit in California’s Northern District against 14 programmers behind re3 project, a fan-driven effort that offers reverse-engineered source code for Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.Read...

I Wanna Be The Guy Has Been Remastered

A group of fans have remastered I Wanna Be the Guy, improving the notoriously difficult platformer’s performance for those still willing to subject themselves to its dastardly tricks.Read more

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