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Why The Rain In Returnal Feels So Damn Good

Returnal, a PS5 game based entirely on Vaas’ iconic refrain from Far Cry 3, is an impressive game. But few things are more impressive than its rain, which feels unnervingly real in your hands, a result of the PS5 controller’s advanced haptic feedback. Today, in a post on the PlayStation Blog...

Everything You Need To Know About Returnal’s Endgame

So, you’ve rolled the credits on Returnal, the PS5-exclusive action game about realizing that the events of Groundhog Day could’ve gone a lot worse, actually. Typically, a credit crawl signals the end of a game. Not so with Returnal. Once you hit the ostensible end, there’s a lot left for you...

Let’s Discuss Returnal’s Bonkers Mid-Game Twist

Returnal, the PS5-exclusive action game about losing all of your hard-earned progress, features one of the most bonkers moments I’ve ever experienced in a video game. I don’t mean the ending (though, yes, that too is bonkers); it’s all to do with a series of events that go down at the midway point....

That’s A Wrap On Backlog Month

This past month was Backlog Month at Kotaku. April, our thinking went, would be fairly slim in terms of new games, bookended by two blockbusters (Outriders and Returnal) but devoid of tentpoles in the interim. What better time to play the games we already have?Read more

Returnal Weapons, Ranked

Returnal, a new PS5-exclusive action game, is tough as nails. But, as with many games that feature roguelike elements, all sorts of weapons can turn up on your runs. Each one can help you, with various degrees of efficacy, on your quest of “not dying.” Here, according to the tried-and-true...

So, Is It Safe To Play Returnal Now?

Over the past 24 hours, Returnal, the PS5-exclusive action game about getting repeatedly bullied by space tentacle monsters, has weathered a serious patch of turbulence. Two patches in 12 hours. Myriad reports of corrupted save data. Me, getting killed over and over again by an irritating boss....

Returnal Patch Aims To Reduce Crashes, Increase...Corpses?

Returnal’s latest patch is out today, and while it’s not the new PlayStation 5 exclusive’s first update, it’s the first time developer Housemarque has released patch notes. They’re pretty thin, but they address various crashes players have been experiencing, as well as some other tweaks. Read more

How To Walk On Lava In Returnal

As you’ve worked your way through Returnal’s procedurally generated exoplanetary hellscape, maybe you’ve come across a chamber that looks a bit like this:Read more

Unlucky Returnal Player Goes For Loot, Dies Immediately

No matter how badly you get screwed by Returnal’s luck-of-the-draw roguelike gameplay, you’re not nearly as down on your luck as a player who desperately tried to get some loot, only to meet a grizzly fate.Read more

Returnal’s Lack Of A Save Feature Is Ruining Players’ Runs

I made a mistake. Yesterday, I had to stop playing Returnal, a tough-as-nails action game released last week exclusively for PS5, mid-run to tend to some chores. You know, like shopping for groceries and drinking rosé on my roof. When I returned to my PlayStation 5 this morning, a pop-up...

Returnal: The Kotaku Review

I’m sure you’ve felt it too. For the past year and some change, life has fallen into a rut more than usual. Life is always cyclical to some degree—humans are, after all, creatures of habit—but the stresses that go hand-in-hand with a certain mismanaged pandemic have made the day-to-day feel more...

Enough With The Red Screen Of Almost-Death

Returnal, a relatively punishing action game out next week for PS5, treats your character being near death the way many games do. When your health gets dangerously low, your screen displays a series of cracks (meant to mimic a busted visor) and starts pulsating red (meant to mimic...the blood rush...

Returnal Feels Like An Actual PS5 Game

A busted spaceship. An uncharted exoplanet teeming with hostile life. An emphasis on scanning objects, upgrading equipment, and retracing your footsteps. Those might sound like core components of a new Metroid Prime, but they’re not, at least not in this case. They’re the ingredients of...

Help, Returnal Looks Terrifying

Today, Sony released a trailer and a collection of artwork for Returnal, an upcoming PS5-exclusive bullet hell game from the makers of Resogun. The game looks neat. It also looks positively terrifying.Read more

Welcome To Backlog Month

April’s pretty thin as far as new game releases go. So we at Kotaku are taking the moment to focus on something shared among every gamer: a backlog. You could call it a month...about backlogs…surely there’s some sort of cutesy phrase we could use? Aha! Backlog Month!Read more

Which State Is The Worst Game Boy Color?

This week we try to understand how stocks work, learn how one of the best areas in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was made, dunk on a dumb troll, check out what free games are coming to PS Plus, and pick out the perfect Game Boy shaped like a state. Read more

Sony Gives Release Windows For Project Athia And Other PS5 Games

The 2021 Consumer Electronics Show began today—virtually, of course—and during a video presentation Sony revealed new release date information about half a dozen games. But it didn’t announce these dates as you might expect. Instead, all the new info came from text that appeared at the bottom...

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