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How To Make Sure You’re Playing The PS5 Version Of A PlayStation Game

Following recent updates for Destiny 2, Control, and the terrific Nioh games, PlayStation 5 owners are in a golden age of cross-gen games. But, if you’re not careful, you could very well end up playing the PlayStation 4 version of a cross-gen game on your PS5. The horror!Read more

Hey Agent 47, Slow Down On The Stairs, You Could Hurt Someone

I’ve been putting a bunch of time into Hitman 3 since it launched a few weeks ago. It’s very good, if a little too heavy on storytelling, but I can’t help but cringe a little every time I’m asked to follow an NPC up or down a flight of stairs.Read more

The Best Console Games You Can Buy For Under $15 This Week

It seems like every retailer decided to have a massive video game sale this week. Whether you’re looking for physical copies or prefer to download digital versions, we’ve assembled a round-up of the best console games on sale for less than $15 this week. (There are plenty of games on sale for more...

I Want IO's Upcoming 007 Game To Be Just Like Hitman's Train Level

The final level of Hitman 3 is an exciting and aggressive fight that moves across the length of a long cargo train filled with bad guys and guns. It’s also a bad Hitman level, but it might be our first sign of what an IO Interactive 007 game might look and play like. And that has me excited. Read...

In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, BioWare Bounces Bootylicious Butt Shots

With the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the team at BioWare is working on updating graphics and textures and showing a little more love to the first game’s Female Shepard model, to bring her image in line with the rest of the trilogy. The team is also tweaking some camera angles to make things...

Every Game Should Have A Train Level

Hitman 3 ends with one wild ride. The game’s first five levels are sprawling playgrounds that demand stealth, caution, and careful planning. The final level, “Untouchable,” is a fast-paced race through a train. It is, in a word, awesome. More, please! Actually, you know what? Just go ahead and...

A Traveler's Guide To The Best Final Fantasy Worlds To Live In

I’m a few days past my Final Fantasy XV blitz and I’m still enmeshed in a quagmire of feelings and emotions. Since finishing the game, I watched Kingsglaive the prequel movie, I’ve considered re-watching the prequel anime, and I’m one retail therapy session away from buying the novel. I’ve already...

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