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Here's Everything You Can Play During Steam's Big October Event

Steam Next Fest, previously known as the Steam Game Festival, is a week-long event in which users can play demos and watch previews for upcoming games, chat with developers, and give feedback on new titles, is returning for another round this October. The demos will only be available to play during...

Splitgate Devs Say Popular Shooter Is Only '25% Complete'

Splitgate was first released in 2019 and while it did well at first, it quickly dropped off the radar for most folks. But earlier this year the game made its leap to consoles and almost overnight became a massive success. Now the devs, with more money and investors, are excited about the future...

Sir Clive Sinclair, Father Of Home Computing, Dies Aged 81

It’s hard to overstate the importance of Sir Clive Sinclair’s role in the world of computing. His inventing the ZX Spectrum home computer in 1980 radically changed the masses’ perception of and access to computers, creating a path for not only gaming, but also the creation of games, by millions....

The Best Tales Of Arise Character Is This Cat

The Tales series of RPGs has long been known for starring a compelling cast of main characters. In that regard, the latest entry, last week’s Tales of Arise, doesn’t disappoint. All six party members are deeply fleshed-out, fascinating people. And like those of every previous entry, they’re...

Please Stop Closing Forums And Moving People To Discord

A few days ago Eurogamer closed their forums, bringing to an end over 20 years of community discussion. The site explained the move like sites and companies always do, and it made sense the way it always does, but that doesn’t mean the process itself isn’t something that sucks.Read more

Everyone Who Worked On A Game Should Be In The Credits

Deathloop is out, and by all accounts it’s pretty good! It’s a shame, then, that it’s also the reason we’re revisiting the topic of “video games people being weirdly shitty about who makes it into the credits and who doesn’t”.Read more

Wow, This Quake Clone Is Smaller Than A Word Doc

Games today are massive, taking up dozens of gigabytes. Some recent bigger games, like Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, cracked 250GB in total. That’s too big. But a new free mini-shooter out today, Q1K3, is a blast and only needs 13KB of JavaScript. It’s also part of a contest dedicated to devs...

YouTube Kills Two Big Discord Music Bots, And That Sucks

Today, the popular video streaming service YouTube committed a murder most foul. Two stalwart members of any Discord server worth its salt, stolen away from us in the night. Groovy and Rythm are dead, and I will mourn my beautiful robot companions with all of my heart.Read more

NFT Game Steals Artwork, Gets Called Out, Deletes Account

NFTS (Non-Fungible Tokens) are an environmental disaster and an enormous scam, and perhaps the funniest thing about their persistence is how little effort purveyors of this modern snake oil are putting into it.Read more

Fortnite's Cube Returns For Season 7's Explosive Finale

Fortnite players have spent the entirety of the game’s seventh season dealing with a growing alien threat. Now it’s time for the aliens to deal with the threat of us as we storm the alien mothership and liberate dangerous-looking glowing cubes in the explosive season finale event.Read more

Steam Turns 18 Years Old Today

Steam, the digital PC storefront, officially launched to the public 18 years ago today, on September 12, 2003. I didn’t realize just how old Steam was and by extension how old I’ve gotten. I guess time flies when your buying, downloading, and installing a bunch of games that you’ll end up never...

Twitch Sues ‘Hate Raid’ Organizers

Twitch is taking a big stand against the organized harassment campaigns, widely known as “hate raids,” that have proliferated over the past few months by filing a suit against two possible coordinators of the attacks.Read more

PS4 Finally Gets A Working Emulator Eight Years Later

Spine is the first, and only, stable PlayStation 4 emulator available, and its game library was updated on September 1. Hundreds of new games are now playable on this emulator, and the developer promised additional titles in the future.Read more

FYI: Tales Of Arise’s Costume DLC Adds Hidden Skills

A Tales game isn’t a Tales game if it doesn’t have a comically ridiculous wardrobe. In that regard, Tales of Arise, the latest entry in Bandai Namco’s long-running series of JRPGs, does not disappoint. (See: screenshot above, screenshots below.) But heed this warning: Downloading the game’s...

Some Of The Best Rocks In Video Games Are Actually Real

I’ve spent years using free rock assets from the Unity Asset Store and the Unreal Engine Marketplace, but never thought too hard about where those assets came from. I just needed rocks in my games. Vox recently published a video about how game developers create photorealistic rocks, and I...

Fans Are Pissed About The Switch eShop’s Asset Flip Scourge

It’s no secret that the Nintendo eShop is awash in “shovelware,” low-quality games that seemingly only exist to take up space (and maybe turn a quick buck for the publisher). But over the past year or so, the eShop is facing an even more insidious publishing tactic: the so-called “asset flip.”Read...

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