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Sex Game Can't Get On Steam, Even After $20,000 Worth Of Attempts

The developers of Holodexxx are at a loss. After spending months attempting to get their VR sex game onto Steam, they’ve hit a wall that no amount of self-censorship or mechanical refinement has been able to drill through: Valve’s nebulous definition of “pornography.”Read more

Lady Dimitrescu vs The Humble Coffee Table

She’s as big as a truck and can kick your ass if she gets anywhere near you, but Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu’s relentless pursuit can be rendered powerless by a single artefact: table.Read more

Even Apple Knows Fortnite's Peely Is A Monster

The Epic versus Apple trial kicked off its second week today, finishing up cross examination with Epic head of marketing Matthew Weissinger. In continued discussion of Epic’s unspeakable inappropriateness, Apple’s lawyer had some questions about Fortnite’s cursed banana, Peely.Read more

Climb Roblox's Giant Man, If You Dare

From Terry Cavanagh, the man behind Super Hexagon, Dicey Dungeons, and VVVVVV, comes a Roblox level about climbing a giant guy that you can play for free right now.Read more

Everything That's Happening In The Apple vs Epic Case

The big court case between Apple and Epic is one of the most important legal showdowns in the history of video games. It’s also throwing up a ton of very funny and interesting looks at how these billion-dollar companies do business behind the scenes.Read more

Screaming Into The Void

Welcome to Snapshots, Kotaku’s weekly round-up of the best and coolest screenshots from around the web. This week I got a ton of emails from folks and it was hard to pick the best of the best. And look, our first screenshot from Resident Evil Village. I can’t wait to see what folks do with that...

Outriders Is Finally Giving Some Players Back Their Lost Gear

Of all the many (many) issues to plague Outriders since its early April launch, few have caused more pain than the insidious inventory-deletion bug. As of today, affected players should start to see lost gear return, developer People Can Fly announced via the game’s subreddit.Read more

Epic Paid $115 Million For The Borderlands 3 Exclusive

As the bizarro-world bunfight between Epic and Apple enters its second day in court, more extraordinary information is coming out in court documents. Like, how Epic paid Take-Two/Gearbox one hundred and fifteen million dollars for the exclusive rights to sell Borderlands 3.Read more

Here's What Epic Paid To Give Away All Those 'Free' Games

So long as capitalism remains the law of the land, nothing in this world is free—not even “free” video games. But, by giving them away, Epic managed to lure new users to its fledgling store for next to nothing, so there’s a lot to be said for the appearance of free stuff.Read more

Sony Plans To 'Integrate' Discord With PlayStation

Sony Interactive Entertainment has invested a minority stake in the popular communication app Discord, SIE president Jim Ryan announced today in a blog post. The companies plan to “bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together on console and mobile starting early next year.” Read...

Over 70 More Games Just Got FPS Boost On Xbox Series X/S

Microsoft added its FPS Boost to over 70 additional games today, letting players on Xbox Series X or S enjoy dramatically better performance in older Xbox One titles like Yakuza 6, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Alien Isolation, Far Cry 5, and Mad Max. Read more

Uh, Epic Games Bought ArtStation

While we’re used to things like studios being bought and paid for as part of Epic’s Fortnite-fuelled crusade against companies like Apple and Valve, the company spent the weekend buying something a little more unexpected: ArtStation, a site that anyone who has ever read our Fine Art feature will...

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