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How To Make The Most Of Hellblade II’s Graphics On PC

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, Ninja Theory’s latest narrative action-adventure game, arrived on May 21, 2024 for Xbox and PC. While many may be divided over its simple combat and lengthy puzzles, there’s no denying that Hellblade 2 is a visually stunning game, especially on a PC with the horsepower...

Kotaku’s Weekend Guide: 6 Games We're Obsessed With Right Now

We’re reaching the end of yet another week, and that (hopefully) means we’ve got a solid 48 hours of gaming bliss lined up. Perhaps you too are looking forward to spending some time this weekend gaming, but aren’t sure what to pick. Read more

Hades 2 Is A Good Time On Steam Deck (Here’s How To Make It Better)

Hades 2 arrived via Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store on May 6 and already it’s been stirring up a ton of excitement. If you’re looking to take its Greek-mythos-inspired roguelike action-RPG gameplay on the go with the Steam Deck, there are a few settings you may wish to tweak. Read...

Owners Report Valve’s Priciest Steam Deck Model Has A Cracking Problem

The nearly $700 Limited Edition Steam Deck OLED was released in November 2023 and came with all the improvements found in the normal OLED Deck, but also sported a translucent plastic shell. But this pricier, limited variant seems to be cracking due to overly-tight screws and possible issues with...

Nearly 30 Percent Of The Top 100 Steam Deck Games Aren’t Verified

Recently, Valve published a list of the top 100 most-played Steam Deck games over the last 12 months. Digging into this much data is fun, and the full list is both a snapshot of recent trends and a reminder that old favorites are some of the most popular options on Valve’s portable PC. Read more

Tweak These Settings If You're Playing Helldivers 2 On Steam Deck

Third-person co-op shooter Helldivers 2 has been a runaway hit on PS5 and PC. As it’s available on Steam, you may have wondered whether or not Helldivers is kind enough to let Steam Deck users in on the fight for democracy. I’m happy to report that, minus a few caveats, Helldivers 2 runs very well...

Portable PS5 Fan Hack Is A Wild Portal Alternative

Do you want a slim PlayStation 5? How about one that’s so thin it could easily slide into your backpack’s laptop sleeve? That’s what one DIYer managed to do with his base PS5, again showing up Sony, which still lags behind in the burgeoning, ultra-mobile handheld console market.Read more

Kotaku’s Weekend Guide: Four Great Games To Kick Off The New Year

Happy new year! This week the Kotaku weekend guide returns with a brisk list of games for your consideration. Maybe some of these you hadn’t considered playing before, or perhaps others have been sitting on your backlog. In that case, consider this your reminder to get working on that stubborn list...

Death Comes For Us All: Steam No Longer Supports Windows 7

The fated day has come: If you are still using Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 you might need to upgrade to Windows 10 or 11 soon, as Valve’s massively popular digital storefront, Steam, no longer officially supports those older operating systems. Read more

The Steam Deck Crushed It In 2023

Valve introduced the world to the Steam Deck in 2022 and it was an instant hit with countless Steam users who jumped at the chance to take their games just about anywhere. As we close out 2023, the Steam Deck remains one of the best pieces of portable gaming hardware you can buy, both on...

PSA: You Shouldn't Cook Your Steam Deck

Slow news day? You betcha. But look, it’s Thanksgiving, and there’s a good chance people are cooking and eating just about anything they can find right now. Please, if we can save just one person from trying to cook their Steam Deck, then it will have been worth it.Read more

PlayStation Portal Feels Better Than It Looks

There’s no getting around it. The PlayStation Portal, Sony’s new wireless PS5 handheld, is very weird-looking. Essentially a DualSense controller split in half with a touchscreen in the middle, it’s the handheld equivalent of a Hummer turned into a stretch limousine. When I saw the first images...

Steam Deck OLED Is A Premium Dose Of Personality

If you’ve been holding off on buying a Steam Deck for a bit, I’ve got some great news: Today, November 9, 2023, Valve announced a hardware refresh for the Steam Deck. It’s called the Steam Deck OLED and, yes, the new, (and very) improved screen is one of its main features, but there’s plenty more...

We’re Years Away From A Better Steam Deck

Steam Deck designer Pierre-Loup Griffais told CNBC at the Tokyo Game Show that the portable PC won’t get a meaningful hardware refresh for at least “a couple years.”Read more

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