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Three Things Keanu Reeves Has Kept From Movie Sets In The Last 24 Years

Over the weekend, one of the most beloved celebrities in the world gave Redditors the chance to, well, ask him anything. Topics ranged from what characters he always wanted to play in movies, which of his films he likes the most, why he’s so compassionate, and whether or not he’s engaged in a...

What Yu-Gi-Oh Meant For Immigrant Duelists

Yu-gi-oh never reached the same heights of global mainstream acceptability as Pokémon. The art had a bold style that never fell in line with mass market appeal, and each generation of cards came with a new convoluted ruleset that often stumped even the most dedicated fans. Yet the trading card game...

Ted Cruz Is A Microtransaction Whale

Senator Ted Cruz is an enormous bag of human piss, a man who were I to list all his political and moral shortcomings would be detaining you for hours. He is also, like most of us, someone who plays video games, and how he plays them will not be a surprise to anyone.Read more

10 Tips To Survive Your First Journey To The Quarry

Even years after my last unalloyed school break, as soon as June hits, everything seems to go slower, softer. Daytime stretches into late, mirthful sunsets like it did when I was a kid at camp. But I’ve realized that these hot months no longer mark that idyllic time in childhood when it’s okay...

Spider-Man Could Have Been An Xbox Exclusive

It’s wild to think about a world in which Insomniac didn’t make one of PlayStation’s fastest-selling games of all time, and yet it very nearly happened. After cutting a decade-long partnership with Activision, Marvel Games had been shopping the Spider-Man IP to other major publishers. Taking on...

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