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Twitch Is Removing Its ‘Host Mode’ Feature And Everyone’s Upset

For some reason, which droves of streamers, viewers, and this journalist cannot figure out, Twitch is permanently removing its host mode feature on October 3. At that point, host mode, its accompanying chat command /host, and the channel settings feature Autohost will be lost to time, leaving...

She Beat Elden Ring At Level One With A Single Hand (Yes, Even Malenia)

Most of us are lucky to say that we survived Elden Ring’s toughest optional bosses, especially the non-stop torrent of them that awaits us at the end of the game. MissMikkaa is built different, though. The Twitch streamer recently blew up on social media because she is the only person who can...

Twitch's Biggest Clown Talks About His Wildest Spectacle Yet

What’s the worst thing that could go wrong during Jerma985’s next livestream in front of hundreds of thousands of internet strangers? “I get diarrhea and can’t umpire,” he told Kotaku in an interview. Twitch’s notorious online jester is pulling his most elaborate stunt yet: officiating a real...

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