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Meet Catbat, The Crash Bandicoot Series’ First Non-Binary Character

Developer Toys For Bob has been working on the Crash Bandicoot series since it released the remade Crash N. Sane Trilogy in 2017. What started as a chance to recapture the spirit of Naughty Dog’s original PlayStation trilogy for a modern audience has turned into a steady gig, expanding upon...

25 Years Of Leon Kennedy's Evolution In Resident Evil

Resident Evil pretty boy Leon Scott Kennedy is arguably Italian-American, something around 5’10”, says admirably stupid things, and I, like many people, was endeared to him by the recent Resident Evil 4 remake. Read more

Resident Evil 4's Official Little Anime Rules

With Resident Evil 4's remake due out this week, Capcom’s marketing for the title is swinging into high gear, and while that would not normally move any of my needles, this little anime they had made for the game is just too good.Read more

2023’s Highest Rated Games Are Mostly Remakes Or Remasters

2023 has already been a pretty solid year for games. However, if you stop and look at Metacritic to see what some of the highest-rated games released this year actually were, you’ll notice a trend: Many of them are remakes or remasters of older games. It’s a trend that likely has a few different...

Why Are Video Games So Afraid Of Everyday Life?

Go look through your Steam Library, flick across the spines of your PlayStation collection or gaze up at the shelf with all your Xbox games on it and tally for yourself: how many games are there set in the world you live in?Read more

Halo Infinite Devs Use Fan's Pokémon Map To Help With Game's Aiming Issues

Halo has a long tradition of community-made maps and game modes that range everywhere from serious to silly. Recently, one map and mode combo that’s more on the playful and fun side of things caught the attention of 343 Industries as an opportunity to fix long-standing shooting issues. Named after...

You Can Give Your Stinky Pokémon A Bath In Scarlet And Violet

Sometimes you really don’t need more than a headline. But as we were watching the new 14-minute trailer for Pokémon Scarlet And Violet this morning, among the news of Terastalizing creatures and Far Cry-like base battling, one thing stood out to us above all else: You can give your Pokémon...

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