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Genshin Impact's Strongest Character To Make Comeback

The Pyro-element characters in Genshin Impact are known to be high-damage dealers, but Hu Tao is an anomaly among them. She’s an ideal damage dealer for those who don’t mind her risky playstyle. More importantly, she’s only available through gacha pulls for a very limited window of time, which...

Dr. Dre Is Making Music For An Upcoming GTA Game, Says Snoop Dogg

Rockstar Games recently revealed Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, which launches digitally next month and hits store shelves in December. Alongside this high-profile return to the franchise’s past, though, the developer is presumably still working on its future....

For $24,000, You Can Buy Tecmo Koei Gold Coins

Kou Shibusawa isn’t only one of Koei’s founders, he is also a game creator, a producer, and a brand name. As part of Koei Tecmo’s celebration of 40 years of the Kou Shibusawa banner, the company is offering some expensive gold coins. Interested?Read more

Lost Judgment: The Kotaku Review

I loved Judgment, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s 2018 spinoff from the Yakuza series. Arriving just as the main games were getting ready to go through the biggest changes in their long-running history, along came a lawyer and his himbo best friend to keep some beloved old Yakuza fundamentals alive.Read more

Deathverse Is A Surprise Follow-Up To Suda's Let It Die

In 2016, Goichi Suda’s Grasshopper Manufacture and Supertrick Games released Let It Die, a roguelike that had players climbing up a tower killing everything in their paths. Today, Sony announced a surprise successor to the game, only this time it’s a multiplayer “survival action game,” instead.Read...

Call Of Duty’s Ridiculous Donnie Darko Crossover Is Kinda Funny, Kinda Sad

Suffice to say, video game crossovers can be pretty bogus outside of the Super Smash Bros. series. But putting Donnie Darko stuff in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War takes the cake. This might be the single most ridiculous mash-up I’ve ever seen. The whole thing is so stupid that...

Darkest Dungeon II Tries Something New, And It Mostly Works

Darkest Dungeon II is nothing if not evocative—a positive quirk it shares with the first game. When my party reaches the Mountain at its heart, they are brought low. This place has haunted their dreams for weeks—a different configuration for each of them.Read more

Genshin Impact’s New Event Is A Surprisingly Great Roguelike

Genshin Impact was definitely not a game in which I expected to find great roguelike gameplay. Its open world design (which was frequently compared to Breath of the Wild at launch) seemed antithetical to the restrictive conditions of an interesting roguelike. I’m glad to find that I was very, very...

Buzz Lightyear Trailer Makes No Sense, Breaks Internet's Brain

When I woke up today, I expected my kitchen to be a mess because I binged The Morning Show instead of cleaning it last night. Despite it already being Wednesday, I was also prepared to be overwhelmed by the truckload of tasks I have yet to cross off my to-do list this week. What I was not ready...

That Dark Souls III Twitch Streamer's Bananas Single-Button Run, Explained

Earlier this week, Twitch streamer Dylan “Rudeism” Beck blew our minds by beating Dark Souls III using a single-button setup to hammer out Morse code. It’s an impressive feat to be sure and one that also touches on something Rudeism is quite passionate about: accessibility in games.Read more

Hot Wheels Unleashed Devs On Making 2021's Most Surprising Racing Game

Italian studio Milestone is known for racing sims. MotoGP, MXGP, Ride, the World Rally Championship series—that’s all Milestone. Hot Wheels Unleashed, the surprise hit arcade racer featuring Mattel’s iconic toy cars racing through physics-defying loops and making heart-stopping jumps, is about...

Far Cry 6 Has A Cool Far Cry Primal Shout-Out

Everyone knows that Ubisoft games are full of things to do. In Far Cry 6, there’s a lot to see, too. To wit: Last night, while exploring the open-world shooter’s El Este region, I stumbled upon what I’m pretty sure—like, 99 percent sure—is a reference to 2016’s Far Cry Primal, the series spinoff...

Ubisoft Pestering Far Cry 6 Players For Not Playing Enough

One of the bleakest things about modern video gaming is the way major publishers are obsessed with not just gaining your attention but keeping it, holding it trapped and exposed to their monetary ecosystems for as long as humanly possible while they do everything they can to bleed you dry.Read more

Blizzard Cancels Online BlizzCon 2022

It’s been a rocky couple of years for Blizzard’s annual fan celebration, with the 2020 and 2021 shows canceled due to the ongoing covid-19 epidemic. Now, as fallout continues from the California lawsuit over the studio’s culture of abuse, discrimination, and harassment toward women, Blizzard...

Before You Start: Tips For Playing Guardians Of The Galaxy

Square Enix’s Guardians of the Galaxy is out today, and considering how surprisingly good the game is, a lot more of you will probably be playing it than originally intended. The galaxy is a large and sometimes confusing place, especially when you’re guarding it. Don’t worry, we’ve prepared some...

You Can Finally (Finally!) Suspend Your Returnal Runs

It only took 179 real-world cycles, but Returnal, history’s glossiest Blue Öyster Cult music video, will finally let you close the game without erasing your progress. Developer Housemarque revealed the news of a “suspend game” option—easily the most-requested feature among fans—in a video detailing...

The Art Of Back 4 Blood

Tonight’s Fine Art is focused entirely on Turtle Rock’s new Back 4 Blood, the studio’s latest attempt to take the formula they almost perfected with Left 4 Dead and, well, perfect it. Read more

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