Hitman 3 Has Some Weird Easter Eggs, Like A Talking Hippo

The Hitman games have always had some weird secrets and Easter eggs. And Hitman 3 continues the tradition, including some truly strange and cool secrets, like a talking hippo, a UFO abduction, and a hidden ending.Read more

Which State Is The Worst Game Boy Color?

This week we try to understand how stocks work, learn how one of the best areas in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was made, dunk on a dumb troll, check out what free games are coming to PS Plus, and pick out the perfect Game Boy shaped like a state. Read more

Complete Chaos In Tokyo Retailer Over PS5 Sales

The PlayStation 5 launched last November, but months later, it’s still hard to snag one, especially in Japan. Early today, the Yodobashi Camera electrics megastore in Akihabara, one of the biggest in the country, sold a huge shipment of PS5. All hell broke loose.Read more

Baseball Almost Had Its Own NBA Jam, And Now You Can Try It

Midway’s NBA Jam and NFL Blitz are two of the greatest sports game franchises thanks to how they both provide fun, over-the-top experiences that require little knowledge of the pastime in question. The company would eventually set its sights on hockey, boxing, and even professional wrestling,...

Too Fast Too Fantasy XV, Finale: I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Last night, after just over a week of daily playing, I finished Final Fantasy XV. And I realize now why I stopped so near the end during my first run some five years ago. It was a defense mechanism, my body’s way of protecting itself from the emotions that are going to utterly ravage me from...

And GameStop's Stock Is Still Going

A week after its logic-defying surge began, GameStop stock is still holding strong, despite more shenanigans and goofy twists, closing at $325 today. That’s higher than Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. The bubble seems destined to burst any day now, but boosters on the WallStreetBets subreddit...

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